Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is my blocking , The End needs a lot of work,its a wip version. C&C plz.


  1. Awesome Karan..

    The mechanics are great. I love the balancing part.
    Some choices i would make..
    35x to 52x ,For this move, i would not go up with the breakdown rather i would go in a fast smear like transition from pose 35 to 52.

    273x - 278x The take(overshoot) is too big. Its not syncing in for me.

    287 jump inside the hole- i think if the jump can be done without the anticipation and going up in air , it would appear more hurried. More of a urgent jump in than a typical antic jump. hope am clear.
    My two cents... Rock on..

  2. It's looking nice,
    you can skip that sweating action around 250 frames or try something else now it's looking unnecessary drama,rest is looking fine.

    Can't wait to see the animation version.

  3. I agree with Prashants comments.I'd suggest removing the sweating action and a few reaction in reaction to it.It just slows down the whole thing.Doesn't seem to achieve anything from an audience POV.This was the first thing caught my attention.

  4. The way he slips at around 165 is beauty.Maybe giving him some hang time in the air(a small one) before he falls head-on on the latch wud add a nice touch.After opening the latch he can straight away go into looking at the missile skipping the 'Sweat' part.Maybe a li'l relaxed gesture if u want instead of the whhole 'sweat wiping' thing.

  5. I agree with Philip and Prashanth. May be you can hold pose 212 and go bit relaxed , still maintaining the tension.

  6. Thanks Amaresh, Anand, Prashant and Phiilip For all these comments . I am working on some changes and will post it soon.