Monday, September 21, 2009

11second club "1st pass"

hi guys,
changed my concept n re blocked it, took it to the 1st pass..check it out n give in ur reviews..


  1. when she is saying "who do u think u r talking to" u can add some strong poses facing to other character.
    about camera 2 many cuts r there.
    If u just keep camera 2 and camera 3 for whole shot I think it will be nice.

    Keep Going

  2. Hi Nice layout....Looks good ,But idea is not clear to me ....story is not readable to me ..when she says ever there is some hitting sound ,may b u can make use of this sound by making her throw some object she is already holding in her right hand (right hand on the hip looks odd)also I dont know why she is getting relax after her first dialogue gets over..Also I agree with prashant there are too many camera cuts...

  3. thx for the comments..i will work on it n keep it updated..