Monday, September 21, 2009

Late Post needs Early Critique :)


At an early stage of blocking.Thought i'll take some quick critiques and then go ahead with the timing and rest.


  1. hi man! nice!!!
    i have this small suggestion!!! if possible make the hat also stick to the iron girder!!! i mean when he struggles for the Ist time his hat's stuck on the iron thingie... as he's pulling it comes off... so when the iron thingie falls off the hat comes off and falls sepratly!!! maybe!!!
    nice concept!!

  2. Ouch! Nice Plot, I will suggest in the bigining u make make him put more effoert to lift the atructure ,at this point he lifts it very easily ,rest looks good ...Ya u can do something with the hat tooo... nice work keep posting

  3. hey nice work. But every thing is happening fast , Give some time for more clarity. I really like the part where he is hanging . give some more weight at the beginning . Keep posting.

  4. Hey nice work dude.. I'm agree with Damu & Karan.. if u give some more effort to lift the metal that will be nice.. keep posting.. :)

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.Working on the timing now and addressing ur fixes right away.Happy animating :D