Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evil Inside!!! WIP

Hey Guys, My first post in dis blog........did d blocking for 11 sec club comp. Kindly give in ur valuable reviews so I can make it more convincing....
Thanx ;-)


  1. hi nice concept, Small suggestion ,Whe she says first dailog u can mirror the whole actions.but when she says "who do u think you are talking to" u can make her mirror reflection alone say that dailoge, while actual person get scared... :) will be more interesting and u can get rid of first part its increasing ur frame lenght..

  2. Hey Damo, liked ur idea, had thought kind of d same.... I felt dat if I break d dialogue into both of dem, d impact or d essence would be lost so came up wid dis....

    Could u please help me wid d acing choice n d poses used as i am trying 2 cut short d beginning part as u said.
    So help me wid ur comments