Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rough Blocking- Karan

This is my Rough Blocking Wip . End is not blocked yet. Please let me know if you have any good idea or ideas to make it better.

I made few changes in this.

One More Update . Not timed it yet. Just blocked the ending ( Roughly Blocked) and need suggestions on this.


  1. Hi karan ,its good fun .I like it .i feel In the end instead of making him jump U can make him run faster ,after he falls down....

  2. Looks good... I think just the the camera movement is not working here.. try to pull out straight without rotation. try that.. :)

  3. Wow looks rally nice good start.
    First cigarette smoking happening fast need little hold.I really like the middle part when he turn back and try to open door and fall down.Timing and posing is good.
    Idea 4 end part:- He already broke the handle now he is getting mad and scared so he start jumping on one door and suddenly secound door pop up and hit him so badly and he fall inside the tunnel.just crazy idea frm my side
    Blking v 01 camera was looking better than new one it was near the ground and had more depth. New camera looks little movement should be fast but u can adjust when u will do animation.
    I hope this will hlp.