Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blocking Wip_Amaresh

Hi.. This is my Blk_WIP so far. I've to do the end part too... Plz let me know u'r comment :)


  1. please change the pose where he stands still, I like the part where he falls down. May be u can have a bigger take where he realises that the train is approaching.The pose when he looks at the train, its cliche try and avoid it.

  2. Hi Ambresh,I liked when he is balancing on the rails ...when he looks for the train ,even i felt its very common gesture ,and instead of making him stand to see train u can do it while he is still sitting down,don't do know how it will work ,but just an idea

  3. Hey thanks guys.. I'll definitely work on those tips.. will upload next blk soon.. :)