Monday, August 24, 2009

Blocking V01 WIP-Damodar

Hey ! Guys ,my blocking is done for the shot ,waiting for your valuable comments to improve it Thanks


  1. Awesome concept!! loved it

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  3. its too straight to the point. I think U should play with the gag here, may be show him strugglin a bit before the rocket takes off. Main problem fr me is your camera, U can have a tighter camera.

    Good job so far ,but push it a little more.

  4. Hi dam try adding a li'l bit of character and avoid a linear style.Try to break things up.I know its very early and it has more work.

    The poses while he's flying away is nice and cartoony i loved it.

    AT the head of the clip,Maybe he can go a li'l ahead,stop and look at the rocket and then come back and enter.I cudn't read the purpose of the red thingy in front of the door.If its a button or something then its not reading well.

  5. Hi dam, I just love the concept really nice.
    when he enter u can show some attitude and putting rocket on his shoulder is very fast and next time he try to adjust it, like it's heavy,Little bit confuse about rocket wt.May be u r trying to show cartoony style. End part is good .

  6. hi dam. its coming out. u got to have a gag for the funny part of animtion. & have some character to him in motion as well in thought process. which make the animation more empathatic. " take the character out of him"

  7. thanks for ur gr8 comments folks ,I am going to change it....I am gonna re-block it ,to come over the fear of making changes.. :)