Monday, October 5, 2009

The Music

hi guys...need comments..
ok about my work, i didnt like my 11sec club dialogue..over all messed it up(big time)..hehe :P

this is blocking of my new file..kept it simple ..planning for detail i need comments plzz
ur C&C's..


  1. Hey Harish. It nice, But if i have to improve this one I can work on few things.
    1. Is he an expert in music? or he is just pushing it (faking)? The acting will change accordingly,
    2. I can push the energy level of the character.
    3. If he is thinking at the head of the shot, then I can just keep one strong pose and act within that pose.
    4. Try not go fr flat back poses at 00:05
    and the pose at 00:07 looks off balanced.
    5. This is my main comment , Explore more acting choices.

  2. sir ji thx for the comment..i will work on the flows..
    actually scene is like,he is a expert in music..n his band is not doing so good..
    yeah starting pose,i have changed it as u pose, for the starting few lines..
    i just opened it..i will post it ones with the timing..tell me what u feel..

    yeah acting choice..i will surely work on that..hehe :)
    Harish k