Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Evil Inside!!!

Hey guys,
Dis is my 11 sec dialogue which couldn't reach d competition due to sum goof up at their end or a mistake 4m my side, i really donno. Instead my blocking file got published, anyways here is d shot.....
Still have a few things in my mind to fix b4 putting it in my reel
C&C plz....


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  2. hey sabya. Its good,Its very dark on my computer not sure if its actually like that. There are some poses which i dint like , And its a bit slow at the beginning.

  3. "Who do u think u talking to" he he

    Hello sir,
    I tried making a suffocating environment but got too dark i guess.....( coz nt a rendered file )
    Will upload my default light guide me with the poses as you mentioned.
    I know a bit of animation fundas are lacking but was kinda of in a hurry
    Plz C&C